Lecture Details:

We use the Zoom Webinar platform, participants who join the session will be muted and video capabilities will be turned to optimize the quality of the session for all. Participants can participate through the Q&A feature – type a question or comment at any time during or after the lecture in the Q&A box and presenters/ moderators will be able to review these after the lecture finishes and address questions/comments at the end of the session. Some lecturers may also launch interactive polls during the session.

All webinars will be recorded, lecture presentation will also be made available. Links will be posted on our website ideally within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions for Participants:

Q: Do I need to have a Zoom account?
No. Just make sure to download the app on your computer or mobile device.

Q: How can I attend the lecture sessions?
You can participate by clicking the “Enter Classroom” tab.

Q: Will the lectures be recorded and available for view later?
Yes all webinars will be recorded and will be available on our website.

Q: How can I ask questions during the talk?
You can ask questions by using the Q&A feature in Zoom. 

Q: How can I change the size of the lecture feed vs. speaker feed during the webinar?
Select the thumbnail that you want to enlarge, then double click it.

Frequently Asked Questions for Presenters:

Q: Do I need to have a Zoom account?
No. Just make sure to download the app on your computer or mobile device.

Q: I am interested in giving a talk. How do I sign up?
Email Kirstie Cruz at [email protected]

Q: I am signed up for a talk. How do I access the webinar link for presenters?
A week before your lecture you will receive a “Panelist” invitation email from Zoom with instructions and link to access the webinar as a presenter.  If you do not receive this information, please contact Michelle Lifto at [email protected] 

Q: I am a faculty member who signed up for a talk. What is required of me?

1. Please have a “Disclosures” slide at the beginning of your talk that states “No Relevant Disclosures” or disclose anything relevant. You also need to submit a completed UCSF Disclosure Form to Kirstie Cruz at [email protected] at least 1-2 weeks prior to your scheduled lecture presentation.

2. Identify a moderator/s for your talk and submit their information (full name and email) to Michelle Lifto at [email protected]

3. Please ensure that you have good Wi-Fi bandwidth for the hour that you are giving your lecture. Problems may occur if the Wi-Fi you are using is also being used by others in your home (i.e. kids doing homeschooling, partners also working from home on Zoom meetings, etc). If you can make sure that no one else is using the Wi-Fi during that hour and give your lecture from a location with good connectivity it should help to minimize those issues so that your video is not choppy or cutting in and out.

4. Submit any polling questions to Michelle Lifto at [email protected] at least 3 days ahead of time so that they can be created for you. All polls should be in a multiple-choice question format.

Q: I am signed up for a talk and want to make my talk interactive. How can I do that?
You can use the “polling” feature within Zoom -- questions will go out to all of your audience and they can answer the questions in real-time. Polls can be used for case-based questions during your talk or afterwards.

Q: I am signed up for a talk. How do I create polling questions for my talk?
Simply submit your polling questions at least 3 days ahead of time to Michelle Lifto at [email protected]

Q: I am signed up for a talk. How do I field questions at the end of my lecture?
Your assigned moderator/s will compile the questions received in the “Q&A” section within the Zoom webinar and ask you relevant and popular questions from the question pool.